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Meet Jared, the heart and soul behind the Hairy Situation Pet Grooming Spa. With a passion for pets that spans over four decades, Jared is not just a business owner but a dedicated companion to our furry friends. His love for the pet industry since 1980 has fueled a commitment to excellence. As the orchestrator of our one-on-one, professional grooming experiences, Jared ensures a safe and clean haven for every pet. With a keen eye for pet elegance and a warm heart for their well-being, Jared leads our team in delivering unparalleled service. 

Beyond the grooming scissors and clippers, he understands the unique needs of each pet, creating an environment where tails wag with joy. Jared's vision is simple: to provide a grooming sanctuary where pets receive personalized care, leaving them not just groomed but truly pampered. His expertise, combined with his genuine love for animals, sets the standard for Hairy Situation Pet Grooming Spa, making it a place where pets and their owners feel a sense of belonging and trust.

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